Some of them are small fun projects, while some are serious ones.

Just as a photo captures the world differently from every angle, I hope my research could capture the world.

  • Minseok 'Joseph' Kim

Lab Research on Parkinson's Disease Mouse Model - the Effects of Acupuncture and Microbiota

Being a part of the scientific research community was my dream!

Luckily, in the winter of 2018, I was able to participate in a Parkinson's Disease Research at Kyung Hee University, lab of Korean Medicine.

As it was my first time in a research lab, I was able to learn how a lab works, with professors, postdocs, grad students, lab meetings, etc.

I was assigned to do immunohistochemistry (a method of tissue staining) on brain tissues of a Parkinson's Disease (PD) mouse model, to see which part of the brain was activated when stimulated (by acupuncture). It was a long and sensitive job, as it required repetitive steps of washing and careful care of floating tissues.

I was assigned a protein named c-fos, which is a protein that is expressed relatively quickly after a stimulus. Immunohistochemistry on c-fos protein would tell us which part of the brain was activated.

Staying days and nights in the lab (because time was flying so fast, and I loved to do more), I'd stained over 200 mouse-brain sections.

Mid-coronal section of mouse brain; immunohistochemistry (free-floating) staining with c-fos antibody.

Here is a photo of a section.

It was thrilling to create one of these images myself when I only saw them on papers before.

*Unfortunately, results cannot be posted since the data is part of private research from the lab.

Research was narrower than I imagined. It required repetitive practice and patience. Maybe that is what inspired me to dive in - endless discoveries.

I want to thank Dr. Hi-Joon Park & Graduate Ju-Young Oh for support and care. It was truly an unforgettable experience. I would love to go back in a second and invest more time in the lab.

Every photo on this page is taken by me, Minseok 'Joseph' Kim.