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Just as a photo captures the world differently from every angle, I hope my research could capture the world.

  • Minseok 'Joseph' Kim

[NOP] 3. Motion Detection Camera Configuration

2019년 11월 12일 업데이트됨

School uses motion triggered cameras to capture wildlife animals in the forest.

The problem was these cameras were expensive and can be only used to capture a certain wide angle with large movements (restrictions in small places such as a hole in a beehive couldn't be captured).

Searching for an alternative way (a more versatile one) of motion capture, I came across CHDK, a hack tool that can be applied to point-and-shoot cameras that enables motion detection.

Since school had leftover point-and-shoot cameras from summer camps, I was able to tinker with them to integrate this cheap and versatile motion detection system.

These programs had parameters (sensitivity, reaction time, etc.) that could be changed according to each situation.

This time, I had optimized the parameters for wasp hives. With a plain background with varying speeds of bees coming in and out of the wall, the parameters had to be sensitive and fast-responding. Here's the photo result from one of the installations.

For more information about the program, please look at this manual that I created:

Canon Hack Development Kit Manual for KMLA Zoo Without Fences

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