Some of them are small fun projects, while some are serious ones.

Just as a photo captures the world differently from every angle, I hope my research could capture the world.

  • Minseok 'Joseph' Kim

[NOP] 4. Aerial Mapping of School Forest

2019년 11월 12일 업데이트됨

Teachers and students were using maps created from old data, manually created with Microsoft paint. While those maps came pretty close to the genuine map, parts of the handmade maps were proportionally wrong from the actual locations. Coordinates were different, and the roads were twisted.

"How could new-coming students follow these maps?" I thought.

Then, I decided to conduct a project to create a better map, a LARGE one.

I decided to use the skill I learned from my middle school: drone mapping. Since I attended middle school in the States (Modesto, California) where there were vast lands and farms to map, I was able to observe and learn drone mapping. I brought it to the rural lands of Hoengseong, South Korea.

By programming the drone, you could allow it to fly specific coordinators and take photos. Calculating the field of views for each photos and applying adequate intervals, you could acquire a stack of images.

Once these countless images are stitched together by aerial mapping software such as Pix4D, a satellite-like image of the school+forest was acquired:

These composited orthomosaic images were taken regularly, to see the change in the canopy (treetops) of the forest.

Colorful, aren't they? (Over the course of the year)

Each of these composites is made with 1000+ images, taking 2 hours of flight and 7+ hours of processing.

With the pro version of the program, I could even create 3D models and animations out of the composites.

- Demo version, low quality 3d animation

With these accurate aerial photos, I created a map more reliable than ever. These photos can also be monitored to see any changes in a forest (e.g., after a typhoon strike) over the year.

This map is now used as the standard map for other teachers and students for ecological research.

My next project will be: analyzing the effects of light pollution - first by visualizing areas that have light in the night by an aerial view.

Every photo on this page is taken by me, Minseok 'Joseph' Kim.