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  • Minseok 'Joseph' Kim

Space Settlement Design - HERICRASO (What happens if we have to leave Earth?)

"Yesterday, we dreamed of Tomorrow."

Hericraso is named after the latin phrase "et cras heri", which means "yesterday and tomorrow".

Hericraso project is a space development plan set for the next 50~150 years that incorporates both largescale orbital settlements and asteroid mining bases. The huge amount of supplies and the economic incentives for establishing a space colony will partially be provided by the merits of asteroid mining. The project will be executed in 3 main phases: establishing the LEO station Hody, setting up Hericraso around 16 Psyche, and fully establishing Hericraso colony around 1 Ceres. At its maximum capacity, Hericraso will be a 600m-wide, 13km-long colony of 18000 people in orbit around 1 Ceres. The main goal of Hericraso is to become a pioneer in space settlement and a hub for future development.

Concept of Hericraso.

If we have to leave Earth, this might be it.

This settlement was designed with my friends (co-authors):

Jeongjun Yun, Seung Wook Hong, Seung Jun Rhee, Jaihyun Kim, Seung Ho Lee

under the guidance of Sukbum Hong.

Link to the paper is here:


This project was awarded 1st place in 12th Grade in NSS Space Settlement Challenge (formerly sponsored by NASA).

Every photo on this page is taken by me, Minseok 'Joseph' Kim.